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Almost Home Daycare: A Learning and Development Center
Calendar of Events


We are down to our last two weeks of class before Summer Break!
We have lots of exciting things planned and can't wait to share them with you!
If you are new with us this summer (or need a reminder) we do a new theme each week of summer and base our projects and activities off of that theme. (IE; Under the Sea, Pirates, Backyard BBQ)
This keeps our kiddos involved and interested and we like to make it a ton of fun for them! 
Lots of science projects are planned too, so be sure to have your Thinkboxers ready!
For our children that are joining us from Elementary School, we have our summer reading logs that we will be filling out daily to keep our minds fresh and imaginations wild! 
We are currently working on our front yard, please be patient with any mess we make, we cannot wait to see the finished product! 
Thank you to all of our families and volunteers that have helped make this possible!
We can't wait to have a great summer with you!