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Almost Home Daycare: A Learning and Development Center
Calendar of Events

Thank you from Our Family to Yours!
Our Sweetheart Auction was a great success and we want to say THANK YOU to all of those who donated and participated this year!
 We cannot wait to start renovating our classrooms and play equipment!
Almost Home is celebrating 30 years of service to Nevada's children! 
In honor of this amazing day, we will be having a small celebration on March, 17th 2017.
 A pizza lunch for your little ones will be provided!
Spring Break is almost here! 
Class will be on hiatus starting March 20th, as we plan fun spring activities with our kids!
 Class will then resume when our big kids go back to school April 3rd.
Our teachers want to provide the absolute best care we can for our little ones, and now all teachers at Almost Home are taking courses crediting 26 hours annually in Early Childhood Education!
Our new incentive board to reward and motivate our children is a giant game of Chutes and Ladders! Every child is their own game piece and will move to each square as they progress positively throughout the day! 
We look forward to the outcomes, and be sure to check in with your child’s progress at each days end!
Lastly, SPRING CLEANING! Our staff will be working hard to scrub, wash and renew our daycare to get it in tip top shape! 
Dates coming soon for volunteers to sign up on our big renovation/cleaning day!