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Almost Home Daycare: A Learning and Development Center

Dear Prospective Parent:

ALMOST HOME DAYCARE is dedicated to the growth and healthy development of 
all children.
We provide a warm, accepting, supportive atmosphere, which allows children to 
explore their feelings and compassion for others. We instill, in all our children, the desire and motivation to learn through carefully selected materials and projects. We set high examples by positive role modeling and interaction. We hold honesty and integrity above all else in our order of beliefs. 
All of our teachers and caregivers are on a continuous education program. 
Our teachers and caregivers must have no less than 26 hours of approved credit training with the Nevada Registry and Washoe County Department of Social Services per annual year.
ALMOST HOME DAYCARE issues monthly newsletters, providing parents with updated information about activities, current events, future plans and special happenings. 
The staff of  ALMOST HOME DAYCARE are very concerned about the well~being and progress of your child. ALMOST HOME DAYCARE has an “open door” policy and strongly urges all parents to get active, knowing parent involvement is a vital part of any quality facility.
We have raised the Bar! AND set the high standards to be an effective and positive 
influence on each and every child that crosses our threshold.
Almost Home Daycare: A Learning and Development Center Gallery